Basic Information on Chrome Plated Products

Generally, automobiles and motorcycles are manufactured mostly from metal, as this material provide an efficient and shiny output which usually appeal to almost all customers and car enthusiasts. Although abundant in the market as many companies produce this material, a metal trim is costly and its weight is heavy. These factors are disadvantageous to car and motorcycle companies in the long process, thus forcing them to find an affordable and still effective alternative. Check out to get started.

They have now come to a conclusion that the better substitute is plastic. A plastic trim is cost-effective, flexible and lighter than metal, but the downside is that plastic cannot meet the usual expectation of a metal finish which is a lustrous look. Fortunately, modern technology and techniques were established to create a metal-finish look for plastics in which the process is called Mueller Corp chrome plating . This is done by plating an ABS plastic with chrome metal thus creating a lightweight, durable and shiny finished product.

Naturally, plastics do not conduct electricity. To be able to electroplate plastic, its surface has to be roughened or coated with a conductive paint or chrome paint. The process starts with chromium acid and some other essential solutions mixed together and carefully coat the plastic's surface. To avoid thermal expansion between the plastic and coating, layers of copper is added to balance the effect. A layer of nickel is also coated to the material as this will aid copper from corroding. Once the base is done, chrome plating can then begin.

This procedure, electroplating of plastics, started during the 1970's. Over the years, motorcycle and automobile companies have applied this method and it became popular not in only in North America but also in Europe, a decade later after its discovery. By 1993, chrome plating of plastic trims became huge all over United Kingdom.

A lot of the consumers prefer to buy cars and its parts from car manufacturers that produce chrome plated products as these are more cost-effective. There are also manufacturers who use high quality chrome plated car and motorcycle parts designated and designed especially for enthusiasts who love to enhance or upgrade their cars or motors.

Any component or accessory made from plastic can be designed with chrome plating. There are well-established companies and suppliers for such products. Services can include automotive, medical, aerospace, defense, sporting goods and consumer goods. To get such services you can check Mueller Corporation and find out about their chrome plating services.